Houston, We have a tooth!

After a very, very long weekend of a lot of screaming and tantrum throwing, Desmond finally has a tooth. And not a moment too soon, because if the tantrums were just because he was becoming a spoiled brat I was going to consider sending him back where he came from! Poor boy didn’t sleep very well all weekend and, in turn, neither did mommy. Sunday was by far the worst night we’ve had in a long time. He went down for bed at a little before 9pm and was up again at 11pm screaming like a banshee. I took him to the living room and tried to console him but he was having no part in that so I finally brought him to bed with me and Matt. He squirmed and whined and he finally got comfortable in the most unsafe spot on the bed- on my left side near the edge of the bed. I made a mental note to move him back to the middle once he fell asleep…and then we both fell asleep together around 1am. About half-an-hour later, matt and I were startled awake but a huge thud and scream. Yes, Desmond fell off of our bed. I jumped up and grabbed him and held him for a few minutes until he stopped crying and then tucked him into bed between us. He finally fell back asleep close to 3am and so did I. Needless to say I had a tough time waking up Monday morning. He’s had swollen gums for, literally, 6 months so I didn’t really even think to give him orajel or Tylenol when we was sleeping. I thought he was being a crab because the wind was scaring him (which I still think had more to do with it than the teething). I found his tooth yesterday afternoon when I had to fish a piece of dog food out of his mouth and I hit something pointy with my finger.

This weekend we’re headed out to the country to go visit Matt’s family. I’m pretty excited to go, it’s been almost 2 months since we’ve been to visit. The next weekend we’re headed to PB to see my family. I’m also very excited to go home because my brother will be there! We haven’t seen Derek since January and I can’t wait for Desmond to get to meet his uncle. Last time they saw each other Desmond was a small sprout he couldn’t do anything but poop and coo. Now he’s a crazy fool that walks, “talks”, and all around causes trouble.

Going home (to both places) will not be good for my “diet”. I’ve lost about 4lbs this month and my goal is 30lbs by January. As soon as I lose 30lbs Matt has to quit smoking. We made this agreement the other day. I don’t think he thinks I am serious about holding him to it but we both need to work on getting healthier for our family. I’ve been trying to make an effort to go to the gym 3 times a week and eat healthier, especially at work. It’s slowly paying off. Losing weight is so much harder after having a baby, especially after having a c-section. I have absolutely no muscle in my abdomen and if I work out hard it still hurts and I lose feeling in my stomach. It’s a very weird sensation to be both numb and in pain!

Well, that’s all I’ve got for today. If I get time tonight I will be back to upload some videos from our Vimeo page and link some photos from our website.

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