October 25th

Holy October, Batman! It's been quite a busy month for the Sharrock family. The biggest highlight of the month was Desmond getting to meet his Uncle Derek for the first time since he was a wee peanut. Desmond took to him immedietly and Derek was in love. We didn't get a lot of pictures but we got a pretty cute video of the two (apparently I can't embed my video from Vimeo, so here is the link http://vimeo.com/7075635)

Little man is doing so much! He's walking great and even trying to run. His little legs move faster than he does at times, which makes him fall down. He's a trooper, rarely cries even when he hits his head (hard!). He just gets back up and heads off. He plays peek-a-boo very well. (I have a video of this, too, but it needs to be uploaded and I have NO idea how to do that!). He's been a little trouble maker, too. Right now his favorite activity is taking the DVDs off of the shelf and making a big mess with them. It's pointless to tell him no because he just keeps going back.

Desmond is becoming a HUGE mama's boy. He's starting to understand that he doesn't like it when I leave his line of sight. This weekend has been really bad for that. I'm not sure if he is teething or just becoming very dependent, but every time I leave the same room he freaks out and cries. It's making doing other things very hard. Sleeping was difficult this weekend, too. Friday night he woke up at 1am and screamed his head off. I rocked him back to sleep and put him in his crib and the instant I laid him down he began screaming again. It wasn't his normal sleepy cry, it was a ear piercing screech that sounded like he was in pain! I tried rocking him a few more times but it was the same sleep, cry, repeat so we ended up sleeping together on the couch in the living room. Saturday night was pretty much the same crying. This time he woke up around 3am and I Just brought him to bed with me. I sure hope it's just another tooth coming in and not him being spoiled. I will say that I have been letting him scream during the day. If I stay glued to him he is not going to learn that he can't always have mommy there and he WILL end up being a little brat. I've seen too many little brats grow up into big brats and then into adult jerks and Desmond will NOT be one of those people.

I've been preparing for Desmond's first birthday party. We're going to BBQ and have some family and friends over. I decided to make his cake this year. Matt and I went back and forth on what we were going to do with the cake and then I saw this super cute baseball shaped cake online and decided I could probably do that. So I bought all of the stuff so I couldn't back out. Yesterday I sat down and did a test run with the decorating. I baked a batch of cupcakes and decorated 20 of them as baseballs. It gave me a lot of good practice. I'm glad I did that because if I hadn't I wouldn't have know that the frosting needs to be a certain temperature or the design will melt while you are doing it. I also wouldn't have known that your hand head will soften the frosting so it will need to be put in the fridge periodically to keep it the right temp/consistency. I also wouldn't have know that if you squeeze too hard your bag will explode! All in all I think they turned out really well. I need to make my red dye more red when I make my next batch of frosting. Other than that I am really excited to make his cake!

Today we're going to the zoo. Ginger, Glenn, Aunt Linda, and Grandma Bailey are coming up to go with us. It should be a good time and I will post pictures later tonight or this week.

Until then, I'm off to chug some coffee so I can stay awake today.

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