Ah you crazy boy. Tonight you and I played Memory for awhile. You are a little too impatient for the game. After you gave up on matching the cards you scribbled in blue crayon all over the fronts of each card and then threw them in a pile on the floor.

You are learning your numbers right now and you count everything. You love counting cars...even though there always seems to only be 2 or 5 cars everywhere we go.

You start daycare/preschool next week. Yaaaaay!

Love you munchkin

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Problem solved

Who needs an expensive fridge lock when you have an old robe tie laying around?

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Shower Bandito

So this morning I was taking a shower and in walks a little boy and he starts stripping down and says "i take a shower too!" 

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Mobile Blogger

I am testing out the mobile blogger app I downloaded on my fancy droid phone.

Matt teaching Desmond how to play tee-ball

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Love your face

Dear My Little Love,
Mommy hasn't exactly been very diligent in updating this blog. This its due largely to the fact that between work and you, time is limited. You are an amazingly smart little boy who is so full of life. One day I will find the time to fill pages upon pages with your wacky antics. Trust me I have so many tales to tell. In the mean time, I only have time enough to share one picture that sums up why I adore you.


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