I love the weekends. It's the only time I actually get to spend real, quality time with Matt and Desmond.

Saturday Desmond and I cleaned the house. You haven't done hard until you have a 10 month old housekeeping assistant. I'd pick something up and put it away, he'd get it back out and throw it on the floor. I'd wipe the fingerprints off of glass and he'd put his hands and face in the same spot I wiped. I'd scrub the baseboards and he'd stick his hand in my bucket of water and splash me. Luckily once I finished the living room I was able to "lock" him in there and clean the rest of the house a lot quicker.

We got a meat package from Kenricks Friday and bbq'd steaks Saturday. They were delicious, however, our grill ran out of gas before the steaks were done. Matt noticed it happened before the grill cooled off too much so he was able to just leave the lid closed and let them finish cooking. They ended up a perfect medium doneness. Matt's grilling skills have really improved this summer. We lived on steaks, ribs, pork steaks, chicken...basically anything we could throw on the grill is what we ate on the weekends. No complaining from me, I love it!

I've decided to boycott shopping for groceries. No matter what I do, I can never walk out of the grocery store spending less than $100. This time I spent over $160 and if it weren't for my $24 in coupons I would have been in BIG trouble. Buying diapers and formula really tacks on extra expenses. I'm going to be so glad when Desmond can start drinking milk instead. A gallon of milk costs $2 and a container of formula costs over $20. Ugh. And when will he be potty trained?! $20 for diapers for a week. Ack! It doesn't help that I have to buy things in duplicate to be able to take over to the baby sitter's too. In the long run, I'm sure it costs the same to have a babysitter or be a SAHM, but I sure wish I could be a SAHM so I could manage things more effectively. That's never going to happen. :(

One last thing. Des had his first Parent's as Teachers meeting of the school year. (Yes, he has a teacher already. Shut up with the "you're such a new mom" crap- I pay taxes and I am going to utilize the school system as long as I can!). His teacher, Mrs. Sara, was so impressed with how advanced he is. He's an early walker- and a good one, at that! He can stand up and walk across the room. That's pretty big for a 10 month baby! She did some activities to see how he was progressing intellectually- he's good at hunting and finding, he's good at putting objects in boxes and taking them back out, he's good at turning pages in books, and he's good at clapping. All of these skills mean he is on track developmentally and she said he's pretty advanced for his age. Yay, smart boy! When can I enroll him into college so he can get a job and buy his own diapers?

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