Memphis Weekend

We're back from our Memphis trip. It was a nice getaway, I'm glad Matt and I got to spend some time alone for the weekend. It was much needed!

We started our weekend on Friday. Desmond and I had a little Mommy/Desmond time in the morning. We went to his pediatrician appointment bright and early. Desmond is perfectly healthy. The doctor says he is very long and skinny for his age group. He's 19lbs 4 oz and he is 29 3/4 inches. For his weight he is just under the 25th percentile for his age group and for his length he is just over the 75th percentile. I can't remember his head measurements but it was at the 50th percentile. He got one vaccination and he did so good. He wimpered a small bit and then he was done. After his appointment we did a little running. We went to the bank, the grocery store, and Walgreens before heading home to pack.

Desmond stayed the weekend with his Grandma and Grandpa Gebelhardt. My mom was in Kansas City for meetings and heading home Friday, so my dad met us in Sikeston and picked Desmond and the dogs up. I'm glad my dad got some alone time with Desmond Friday. I think they had a fun time.

The drive down to Memphis is a very boring drive. A lot of nothing between St Louis and Memphis. Road construction and cornfields was the bulk of our scenery.

We arrived to Memphis and checked into our hotel. My parent's got us a room at the Westin at Beale. It was a really upscale hotel and it seems the more upscale a hotel is, the less amenities they provide. I think Matt's biggest issue with the hotel was that you had a pay for Internet. My biggest complaint was that they didn't offer complimentary breakfast. I think both of those things are pretty common "perks" at most hotels. I wouldn't have even minded paying for breakfast but it needed to at least be a reasonable rate. They only offered room service breakfast so I couldn't even go down to the restaurant for breakfast.If I wanted a bowl of Cheerios I would have had to pay $6.50 for the cereal, plus $2.50 delivery and 20% gratuity off the top. Plus they would have expected another tip at the door. (I think I need to step off of my soap box now...)

Friday night we went to Silky O'Sullivan's for dinner. Matt had the ribs, I had catfish and we split a drink called a Diver. It was a gallon bucket of beer, rum, grenadine, and God knows what else. That was probably a bad idea drinking that on nearly empty stomachs as Matt got a little sick and I passed out by 9:30. Oopsie.

Saturday we got up and went to Hard Rock Cafe for lunch. The memorabilia was fun to look at. They had a wall of Johnny Cash- it had one of his suits, a guitar, and a ton of pictures of him. Matt loved that! They also had a ton of other signed guitars. We enjoyed seeing all of the Elvis memorabilia. Neither of us are particularly fans of Elvis but by the time we left we wanted to visit Graceland just to see more of the tackiness. We didn't get a chance to, but if we ever go back to Memphis we will definitely be going there. After lunch we headed out to Tunica to hit the casinos and try to pay for our trip. I've got ZERO luck and blew through my money pretty fast. Matt on the other hand puts in 5 dollars and walks away with $119 and some change. Playing the penny slots. So in the end we walked away $60 ahead. I'll admit, I was a little pissy because I don't like losing. But he did good. Yay!

When we got back to the hotel after gambling there was an entourage of people checking into the hotel. Apparently there was this "up and coming rapper" staying at the hotel. His Lamborghini was parked in the front of the hotel and he had a van bring his luggage in. The luggage was insane. He literally had 6 Nike boxes, countless shopping bags from LV, Gucci, Macy's, and unreadable stores, LV and Coach luggage.... an entire cart packed to the gills. Wowser!

Saturday night we went to the Blue's City Cafe for dinner. I had the most delicious stuffed mushrooms and we split 'The Best Meal on Beale' which was catfish, ribs, fries, beans, and coleslaw. It was all yummy. Then we headed out to Beale St. and looked around a few shops, drank at Wet Willies, people watched, and listened to a couple street bands play. We were both pretty tipsy. It was lots of fun. I wish I would have brought my digital camera because there were girls wearing clothes that were SO out there. I was cracking up. I saw two guys dressed in plaid shorts and sweater vests and color rimmed glasses. They reminded me of Carlton Banks. I got a picture of one of them. We left Beale around midnight and the line to the entrance was all the way back to our hotel- which was about 2 blocks. Good thing we went early!

Sunday we were going to get up and go to the zoo and to Mud Island but it was yucky and rainy so we checked out and headed home. I'm glad we left early so we had time to relax when we got home. We stopped in Sikeston to eat lunch at Lambert's Cafe (yum!) and pick up my spoiled babies. I missed Desmond (and the doggies!) so much. It was great to see him and get greeted with his little baby kisses.

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