10/28/09- 8 more days

Wow, I can’t believe my little man is going to be a year old next week. Where did the time go?! I remember this time last year I was impatiently awaiting my due date. I was wishing the time away. I was wishing my pregnancy would just freaking end. Now that it’s over and I’ve had the pleasure of having my precious Desmond for the last year, I wonder why I rushed the time away. Now time flies, like some cosmic practical joke. I can honestly say I can see time moving right before my eyes and I don’t think I like it. I’ve seen my little 6lb baby morph into a walking, babbling, loving little boy and before I can blink an eye he’s going to be a year old and then he’ll be 5 and going to kindergarten and then 18 and graduating high school, and then before long he’ll be married, and have babies of his own and I will hide under my covers and cry for my mommy. I just don’t know how my mom did this with four kids. How she watched us grow up and become independent. It’s so hard. But I wouldn’t trade it for all of the money in the world. How can someone you barely know be born into your life and steal your heart in seconds? Once you have a baby of your own you will understand.

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