Chocolate Chip Cookies

I've been on the hunt for the perfect chocolate chip cookie. I like my cookies crisp around the edges, gooey in the middle, and just a tad salty to balance the sweetness. I think I've finally found it.

Crispy, Chewy, Chocolate Chip Cookies from Smitten Kitchen

These cookies are wonderful! I make two small changes. I never remember to buy unsalted butter, so I used regular salted butter. I also scaled the chocolate chips back by almost 1/2 a cup and added chopped pecans. Any time I add nuts to a cookie I reduce the chocolate chips, I think this helps the cookie have less "filler" so you get more of the yummy cookie part.

My three-year old helped me scoop the dough so we rolled the dough into larger marble sized balls. We ended up with about 46 cookies using this recipe.

Am I a horrible person if we just have cookies for dinner tonight?

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