A new chapter

Oh, where does time go so quickly? It seems like the work day lasts forever but the evening flies by. We've been so busy doing a lot of nothing that this blog has been neglected.

It's late and I've been on the computer far too long tonight so I will just give some of the highlights over the last few (ok, 7) months.

- Desmond is officially named Danger Boy. We had our first ER trip in May when he took a fall into a brick wall at the babysitter's.
- Danger Boy climbs on everything. He is 100% pure boy.
- He is obsessed with all things Buzz Lightyear
- He is a dancing machine
- Oh, and he loves to sing, too

-And we can't forget how much this child loves the water. ANY water. Water fountains, pools, rain, baths, showers, dog water, and yes, even toilet water. He doesn't discriminate.

- In fact, he loves anything liquid. The kid can drink some juice! He's always got to have something to drink. In fact, I have to wait until he's eaten half of his food before I give him a drink or he will not finish his dinner.

- He loves all dogs. He points to any dog he sees, whether it's a real dog, fake dog, or a picture of a dog, and he says "Doggie" and then pants like a thirsty dog. ...not sure where he picked that one up.
- He loves Scrappy. I think Scrappy loves him too. He tries to love Dutchess, but Dutchess wants nothing to do with the tiny mailman.
-I think my child has an unnatural love for dogs. It's borderline weird.

- Desmond is both a momma's boy and a daddy's boy. He loves cuddling with mommy and thinks his daddy is the most awesome playmate ever. He absolutely adores Matt. Every day when we get home he goes to our bedroom and knocks on the door hoping to wake up his daddy.

I could probably go on for hours, but I won't. At least not tonight. There's always tomorrow.

(PS- Family & Friends, I started a blog for just Desmond's videos. I thought it would be easier to keep track of them that way. It's private so if you want access just let me know and I'll get you set up. )

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