Vacation time

It's vacation time, finally!! Starting today we have 10 full days of no agenda. I'm looking forward to relaxing and having some quality family time with my boys. Other than a lot of being lazy and silly we have nothing planned. That's exactly the kind of vacation I need.

My Nana will be flying in at the end of next week and she's finally going to get to meet Des. Luckily she's used to having wild rugrats running around so my little guy shouldn't be too much of a shock.

Last weekend we took an impromptu trip to Memphis. Matt and my Dad were Facebook chatting and one thing lead to another and before I knew it we had plans to go to Memphis the next morning to see a Redbirds game. It was a fun weekend trip. It would have been better if Desmond hadn't gotten sick on the way to Memphis, but that's what happens with kids. One minute they are trying to ride the dog and the next minute they're whining and running a high fever.

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