Fatty, Fatty

My husband has picked up a new hobby - smoking meat.  He never picks out hobbies like perfecting the dishwasher load, or closet organization. No, he likes meat, baseball, and motorcycles.  I'll be honest, I can get behind some meat because I don't have to cook dinner.  (Although, I'm still in charge of providing some sort of healthy side, I just don't feel right eating nothing but a slab of meat for dinner. I'm not a cavewoman!)

Today we headed out to our favorite butcher shop, Johns Butcher Shoppe, and picked out our meat for the weekend.  Desmond requested pulled pork, so we got a small pork shoulder.  Then, we wanted to try to make some concoction called a Bacon Wrapped Sausage Fatty.  It's exactly what it sounds like.  Sausage that's been stuffed, rolled, and wrapped in bacon and then smoked on the smoker for a few hours. Holy heart attack was it good.  Oh, we also made bacon wrapped stuffed jalepenos.  Today was a day for things stuffed and wrapped in bacon.

To make the fatty you need:

  • 1 Lb of your favorite ground sausage (we just used bulk pork sausage from the butcher's case)
  • 1 lb of thick cut bacon (about 10-12 slices)
  • Stuff to stuff (we used diced red peppers, pepper jack cheese, and sharp cheddar.  Your possibilities are endless though.  Mushrooms, onions, and gouda anyone?
  • Start by making a bacon "weave".  I just drew back on a 3rd grade art project of making a basket weave placemat with construction paper but this guy has a step-by-step technique that looks fool-proof .  My bacon weave was 6 pieces wide by 6 pieces long
  • Roll out your sausage as flat as you can.  TO do this just put it in a gallon sized ziplock and roll it over and over until it's flat and uniform.  Let the air out of the bag as you go...
  • Remove the sausage from the baggie (scissors are your best friend here, folks) and put on a piece of wax paper or parchment paper.  
  • On half of the rolled sausage, start throwing your desired stuffing stuff on however your heart desires, then carefully roll the sausage into a log starting with your stuffed side. Pinch the ends so the goodness stays inside. 

Here's the bacon weave and the stuffing process.
  • Once it's stuffed, plop it on top of the bacon weave and roll again.  The put it in your smoker and smoke it until the bacon is cooked and the internal temp is at least 165.
I didn't get a picture of the "fatty" once it was rolled and cooked but here's what it looks like after a bite's been taken off a slice.    Seriously a yummy treat - we're going to try one stuffed with breakfast fixings next time

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Matt said...

Everyday is a day for things stuffed and wrapped in bacon

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